Join us at our new Viera, FL location to start working toward your empowered mind and body!

Delta Life Fitness personalizes your routine based on your specific needs — we know that not everyone is the same!

Delta Life Fitness is a women’s group training and fitness facility that exists to empower women of all ages and change their lives! We are dedicated to the transformation into lifelong success that lasts by promoting group training activities through the revolutionary Tone and Torch station-based exercise and wellness workouts. We invite you to join us at our Viera, FL location!

Our Mission:

To empower women through dedication and motivation so that they may achieve their goals, live happier lives, and spark a revolution in their communities.

Our Core Values:

  • Care
  • Have Fun
  • Be a Go-Giver
  • 10x Everything
  • Outcool Everyone

Our Process:

  • Delta Original Workout
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Delta Life

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“Love, love, love this program! At the beginning of this year I found myself in an unhealthy space due to multiple surgeries in less than a year and facing a scary probability of being put on medication for thyroid issues created by those surgeries and all the medication. I begged to let me try to find a workout and nutrition regime before taking the meds, and that is when I found this program. I started with the 21 day challenge and fell in love with the workouts, the food, the trainers and the women that participate in this group. I have made great strides over the last 7 months I have changed my body, my nutrition and my inner self. This program is designed for success in all aspects of your life. Best decision I have made.” — Amber R.